Economic Structural Data

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Population (31.12.2018)             


Employees Subject to German Social Security
December 2019



Service Share 2014

76 %

Purchasing Power 2019

123,9 % (FRG = 100 %)

Tax Assessment Rates 2019
Commercial Tax
Property Tax A
Property Tax B

350 %
   0 %
250 %

Net Commercial Tax Share


Industrial Property Reserves**

ca. 3 hectares

Price for Industrial Lots
(per January 1, 2012)


€ 270 -600/sqm

Travel Connections
     to the A 66, A 3, and A 5 autobahns
     to Frankfurt/Main Airport

ca. 4 km
ca. 15 km


2 S-Bahn metropolitan railway stations: Schwalbach Nord and Schwalbach am Taunus (Limes) on the S3 metropolitan railway line that connects the cities of Darmstadt and Bad Soden via the Frankfurt Exhibition Grounds (Messe) and Frankfurt Central Train Station (Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof) stops. 

*) Corresponds, for the most part, with the number of local jobs, excluding self-employed, civil servants and part-time employees. Sources: Wirtschaftsförderung Region Frankfurt RheinMain (business development organization), Hessisches Statistisches Landesamt (Hessian State Statistical Office), GfK Marktforschung (market research company)

**) This refers to industrial property reserves intended for business development that will probably be available for construction during a timeframe of up to two years.